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Peoples Choice Award

Broken Hill Solar Farm

Viewing Platform Competition 2017


This structure overlooks the Broken Hill solar farm and the Australian desert landscape. It is a constructed representation of an optimistic turn toward the future, celebrating new relationships between landscape and technology. It consists of 2 basic built forms – an artificial mound of earth forming a ramp, and a suspended silver ring that shades the viewing area. 

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The design superimposes 2 landscape conditions; one, an expansive panorama of the Broken Hill solar farm and the Australian desert, and two, a small introspective garden planted with native desert palms and flowers. These two ‘sites’ contrast each other.

The geographic experience of the Australian desert is amplified, encouraging perception in the viewer, jolting them into a new awareness of the landscape and its production. The sublime technological scale of the solar farm is augmented by the intimacy of the garden.